The Center of Gravity
  • Genre:Bass, Dubstep, Glitch
  • Release date:05 Jun 2012

The Center of Gravity


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Fresh from the electronic hotbed of Colorado comes “The Center of Gravity” on Gravitas Recordings, the debut EP from bass heavy producer The Digital Connection. Right out of the gate, genre lines blur as this six track EP embraces considerable influence from dubstep and glitch hop without ceding exclusivity to either. Crisp and textured sound design contrasts the stirring melodic progressions throughout each track’s diverse arrangement, keeping the listener fascinated and eagerly anticipating every twist and turn.

Spawned from dreams of broken toy sounds, “Unusual Entities” starts the release off with a healthy dose of midtempo bounce. The funky title track shares a similarly upbeat rhythm, effortlessly blending relaxed chords into bubbling bass noises as the song progresses. Both “An Imbalance” and “On A Brighter Note” focus on rolling 808s and pitch-bent synth work, manifesting injections of psychedelia into the 140bpm environment.

“Unusual Entities” gets a heavy re-glitch from Gravitas’ own Cryptex, taking a slightly more aggressive approach without losing structural integrity. Headtron’s emissary Goldrush brings up the rear with a seductive take of “On a Brighter Note”, focusing more on the lush intricacies of the original while keeping the bassline more restrained and tasteful.


The Untz

His newest release, The Center of Gravity, released via Gravitas Recordings is an earth-shattering release that will quickly establish him as an artist who is willing to give it all he’s got to make a name for himself.

The Waxhole